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Myung Dong Noodle House Fort Lee is one of my favorite places to eat Korean food outside of the city. I first tried Myung Dong’s famous Kalguksu at the original restaurant, Myeongdong Kyoja, in Seoul. If you ever visit Seoul, I would highly recommend it as it is a famous restaurant that’s been around since 1966 and recently started opening branches in the US. They are most famous for their kalguksu and mandoo but my favorite things to get there are the bulgogi, bibim guksu (cold spicy vinegar gochujang gree, and kong guksu which is only available during the summer. They have really good baek kimchi (white non spicy cold kimchi) and regular kimchi which are the perfect accompaniments for the kalguksu.

I have eaten at the original restaurant in Myung Dong twice and can say with confidence the food tastes very similar in Fort Lee to the original. Since this is a new restaurant that opened less than a year ago, the interior is very modern and clean.

In addition to the famous kalguksu, the restaurant also has an extensive menu of 3 types of mandoo, naegmyeon, ddukbokki, kalbi, many types of hot stone bibimbap, and shabu shabu. The only thing I would stay away from on the menu is the donkatsu which was a bit odd. The entire menu is shown below.

Myung Dong Noodle House
2013 Lemoine Ave, Fort Lee NJ 07024
Open Monday to Saturday, 11AM – 10PM, closed Sundays

They are pretty popular so I would go before 12 on Saturday for lunch. Each time I went there on a Saturday, I saw 20-30 people waiting after 12:30PM.

My favorite dish, the bibimguksu. Just the right amount of spice.

Myung Dong Fort Lee Bibim Guksu

My second favorite dish, the bulgogi. Comes with some steamed hyunmi rice

Myung Dong Fort Lee Bulgogi

The famous kalguksu. Tastes much better than it looks and is a super filling portion.

Myung Dong Fort Lee Kalguksu

Both kimchis accompany the kalguksu very well

Myung Dong Fort Lee Kimchee Kimchi

The menu

Myungdong Kalgooksoo Fort Lee Menu 1
Myungdong Kalgooksoo Fort Lee Menu 2
Myung Dong Fort Lee Menu Photos

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