Homemade Chirashi Bowl Recipe

Chirashi is one of those tasty and bright dishes I really enjoy. My favorite place to eat this is at Soba Totto on 43rd Street in New York City. Hatushana on 48th street also has a beautiful take on this called the box of dreams with many mini chirashi in a square wooden box. Another place to eat this more casually is at the Mitsuwa Food Court in Edgewater, NJ. The combination of the warm perfectly seasoned sushi rice with the beautifully arranged cut fish, tomago egg, and fish roe makes it such a special and bright dish. I also like that it has almost no fat and feels quite light to eat. Continue reading “Homemade Chirashi Bowl Recipe”

Monkey Cookies and Macarons Baby Shower Doljanchi

Recently I made monkey cookies and macarons for a baby shower. I have been obsessed with cute animal food lately and wanted to try making some iced sugar cookies. I am not as into baking as cooking savory food, so this was a new learning experience for me. Last year I made my first batch of elephant and cloud sugar cookies for my talented designer friend, Patricia Chang‘s, son’s first birthday or “doljanchi” as we call it in Korean.

Doljanchi Baby Shower Sugar Cookies Cinnamon Molasses

Sweetopia was a great resource on everything to do with sugar cookies- how to get the icing consistency right, how to fill a icing bag, how to use a coupler work, etc. I used Sweetopia’s cinnamon and molasses sugar cookie recipe and loved the spicy flavor, so I used it again for a recent baby shower with monkey theme. 2016 is the year of the monkey in the Chinese zodiac, so this time I made monkey cookies and macarons.

The macarons were a tedious process and I had to make four batches before they finally came out OK (and I still have a long way to go with them). I was relieved they came together at the last minute the morning of the baby shower. Below are photos of the monkey cookies and macarons, and the different batches I went through. I did not realize baking macrons on a humid day is not easy because the skin will not form on the macaron as it rests. I later found this wonderful macaron trouble shooting guide from foodnouveau which I wish I had really read before baking macarons. Continue reading “Monkey Cookies and Macarons Baby Shower Doljanchi”

BCD Tofu House Fort Lee Soondubu

BCD Tofu House in Fort Lee serves the best soondubu and is one of my favorite Korean restaurants in New Jersey. It is tastier than the one in New York on 32nd Street (a few people agree with me on this) and cheaper too. Continue reading “BCD Tofu House Fort Lee Soondubu”

Jungsik New York Tribeca

I have been meaning to write about Jungsik New York Tribeca for a long time now. This is my top 3 favorite restaurant in New York. I first went to the original location at Jungsik Seoul, and was totally blown away by the food. The experience at Jungsik was actually one of the motivating factors for me to even start this Korean food website. I had never tasted such elevated Korean food while still maintaining all the true Korean flavors and ingredients. I feel so lucky to be able to experience this food in New York at the old Chanterelle space in Tribeca. The quality of the ingredients, execution, service, and ambiance are all really stellar.

I love that this restaurant does not have huge entree portions so you can order one or two more dishes than you would normally at a fancy restaurant and taste many plates each visit. The Jungsik menu is divided into 5 categories: appetizer, rice/noodle/ seafood, land, and sweet. Most entrees are $25-$34. This actually feels like a value to me because at other similar level of cooking/ambiance/service these dishes would be over $35 in New York. I only come here on special occasions because I want to save this special place for the best days. I have dined here a few times and can say I have never been underwhelmed by any of the dishes. Continue reading “Jungsik New York Tribeca”