Mapo BBQ Best Korean BBQ Flushing

Mapo BBQ, My Favorite Korean Restaurant on the East Coast

Many people ask my what my favorite Korean Restaurant is in the NYC area, and I always answer “Mapo BBQ in Flushing.” Even though I have to take the LIRR train from NY to Flushing to get there, I still go at least once every 2 months because it is that good. This restaurant has the best quality beef short ribs or “kalbi” around. Continue reading “Mapo BBQ Best Korean BBQ Flushing”

Gwangjang Market Seoul: What to Eat

Gwangjang Market the True Soul of Seoul Food

There are many food markets in Seoul with their own distinct personalities and characteristics. I highly recommend Gwangjang Market (광장시장) for a first time visitor to Korea because of its bare bones, nitty gritty feeling and because it features many of the traditional foods of Korea under one roof. Most food here is between $2-$5, so you can sample many foods for under $20. Continue reading “Gwangjang Market Seoul: What to Eat”

Pizzeria d’Buzza Seoul Review

Popular Korean Pizza at Pizzeria d’Buzza

I had some amazing pizza at the original Pizzeria d’Buzza in Itaewon this time in Seoul. The restaurant is small and cozy with only about 6-8 tables. The pizza is great because it is baked right after you order in a big fire oven. The dough is unique in that it has a lot of chew while still being puffed up and airy like a cloud. The name of this pizza joint is quite clever because “booja” means wealthy or prosperous in Korean, so when people call this restaurant “booja pizza” (부자피자) it has a very positive ring to it. Continue reading “Pizzeria d’Buzza Seoul Review”

Narisawa Review

Les Creations de Narisawa Review

I had been wanting to try Les Creations de Narisawa for a few years now, and the restaurant experience certainly lived up to the built up expectation. This was one of the most memorable meals ever due to the ambiance, quality, care, and variety of the courses. I have traveled to Tokyo to try restaurants each year for the past three years, but made it to Narisawa on my third trip because it had been pushed down on my priority list behind sushi and other traditional Japanese cuisines. Initially I was interested in Narisawa after seeing photos of the beautiful presentation, but thought maybe this would be too similar to French style restaurants here in NY. I only wish I had gone to Narisawa on my first trip so I could return and try another tasting menu for a different season. Continue reading “Narisawa Review”

Udon Caden Jung Ho Young

Udon Caden (우동카덴) was the best cheap eat of my recent trip to Seoul. I have been a big fan of the show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator these days. If you like cooking programs this one is great because many Korean chefs cook using only the ingredients from the refrigerators of Korean celebrities. I really wanted to try Chef Jung Ho Young‘s (정호영) restaurant Udon Caden because of the show and also because I just like udon in general. This restaurant more than met my expectations and I will be sure to return on my next trip. Continue reading “Udon Caden Jung Ho Young”