Myeongdong Street Food Night Market Guide

Myeongdong Street Food is probably one of the most popular tourist spots for first time visitors in Seoul. Many tourists stay in Myeongdong due to the proximity to historic sites and access to duty free shopping at the Lotte Department Store. Every night, around 5pm, the street food vendors of the night market set up shop along the main street outside the Euljiro-1ga subway stop exit 5 or exit 6. Here you can find most kinds of typical Korean street food such as tteokbokki, dragon’s beard honey candy, fried chicken, baked chestnuts, egg bread “gyeranbbang”, etc. If you have never experienced Korean street food before, this is a good place to try it out. The street vendors close up shop earlier than most other areas around 10pm. You can bring about 20,000 won / $20 and experience a whole variety of foods since most cost $2-$5 each. Continue reading “Myeongdong Street Food Night Market Guide”

Spicy Gochugaru Cinnamon Rolls

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to make the traditionally sweet cinnamon rolls with a spicy gochugaru twist. These spicy gochugaru cinnamon rolls remind me of those spicy and sweet cinnamon heart candies. They also satisfy cravings for good yeasty bread.

Gochugaru is traditional Korean dried pepper powder. Every gochugaru tastes quite different as it is really a function of what type of pepper was used and who did the drying. If you cook often with gochugaru you will quickly figure out which one delivers the right level of heat, intensity, and smokiness for your palate. I cannot make fried rice without gochugaru, the extra heat and kick becomes irreplaceable once you become used to it. It also does amazing wonders in soup. I’m also pretty sure this spicy powder must cause some sort of happy reaction, similar to coffee, because I always feel happier after eating spicy food.

There are two words of caution for this recipe 1) Do not use too much gochugaru, a little goes a long way, too much can cause an upset stomach 2) Don’t bake these too long or they will be dry, the key is to bake these right up until they look cooked through but haven’t started to brown yet. This recipe was kicked up with the addition of Mike’s Hot Honey and Califia Almond Milk which are beginning to become staples in my pantry. I used my trusty heart pan from Chicago metallic to make the heart shaped cinnamon rolls. Continue reading “Spicy Gochugaru Cinnamon Rolls”

Momofuku Nishi A New David Chang Restaurant

I really love all the Momofuku restaurants so I was excited to see David Chang’s newest creation of Momofuku Nishi in Chelsea NYC. “Nishi” means west in Japanese and this is the first Momofuku on the west side. I tried to go last week, the second day it was open. I arrived at 6PM when the restaurant opens but the line was out the door around the corner with at least 60 people ahead of me. I knew I would not make the second seating and gave up. This week we were first in line at 4:15PM to ensure that we could try out this new restaurant. The restaurant has 5 tables for six people on the left side, and additional tables for four to five people on the right side. Continue reading for photos and prices Continue reading “Momofuku Nishi A New David Chang Restaurant”

Jiro Sushi Omakase Review

Review of the Omakase at Jiro Sushi, December 2015 Visit

Last year when I traveled to Asia I tried to get a reservation at the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro Sushi but tried too late in the process and was unable to. This made me even more determined to procure a reservation on my next trip.

Reservation Process: Jiro Sushi only takes reservations on the first day of the month, the month before you would like to dine. So if you would like to dine sometime in December, you must request a reservation on the first of November. I read an article on Business Insider on how to get a reservation at Jiro Sushi and they advised having a hotel in Japan make the reservation for you. So I booked a hotel two months in advance, and asked the concierge to request a reservation on the first day of the month. I also gave an entire week I would be willing to dine at Jiro which may have helped my chances. I was happily surprised to see an email from the hotel concierge saying that they had faxed in my request to Jiro and received a response that we could dine on one date at 5:30PM. The hotel asked me to send them back a credit card authorization form to hold the reservation for the meal.

Quick video of some of the pieces from the Omakase at Sushi Jiro

Continue to read the full review of the omakase Continue reading “Jiro Sushi Omakase Review”